Modern Gas & MGS Offers Top Quality Propane Forklift Exchange

If you are looking for a reliable company that offers affordable prices for Bulk and Forklift Propane Exchange Services - look no further than Modern Gas & MGS of South Jersey!

We have access to millions of company-owned gallons of propane in our service footprint, which offers our customers peace of mind and a superior delivery model.

Propane-powered forklifts offer numerous advantages over electric, natural gas, diesel, and gasoline-powered alternatives. These reasons explain why over 80% of the spark-ignition forklift market is fueled by propane.

The time required to refuel is minimal when compared to electric and natural-gas powered forklifts. It takes only five minutes to change a propane cylinder whereas an electric forklift could take up to eight hours to recharge.

Forklifts powered by propane are the most economical way to service your material handling needs. These forklifts have lower life-cycle costs than electric-, gasoline-, or diesel-powered forklifts for both maintenance and fuel related expenses.

Forklift Propane eliminates the need for dispensing propane on your property which could be a potential safety hazard for you and your employees. We carefully inspect cylinders each time they are returned to our facility for refills, remove damaged cylinders from service, and replace or repair leaky valves and O-rings.

Make the switch today to clean, efficient Propane Forklift Exchange from Modern Gas & MGS of New Jersey. Contact us online to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services..... or call 856.779.7400


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