Propane: Clean, Safe, Reliable & Versatile

Modern Gas & MGS Propane are dedicated to providing top quality products and services to the communities that we serve in New Jersey.

We’re proud to offer a wide array of Propane Appliances and Components to our customers. Propane makes our lives easier and can tackle every need for your home or business. Propane powers Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Water Heaters, Generators, Pool Heaters, Hearth Products and Home Appliances such as Your Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher, Stovetops and much more.

Nearly 90% of Propane used in the United States is produced here at home.  It is nontoxic, colorless, and virtually odorless. Modern Gas and MGS have access to nearly one million gallons of propane on-site and at our partner companies.

Propane is one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels. It is nontoxic, so it’s not harmful to soil or water. It is also one of the safest fuel energy sources. Click here to learn more about some basic safety procedures that will ensure that your family is using Propane properly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail, or call us at 856-455-1100.

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